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SMCS Blogs

  • What to Expect When Applying to Private Schools
    November 08, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    For parents and students considering a private school education, it’s important to be aware of what to expect in the application process. While specific requirements and procedures may vary from one school to another, there are some commonalities that you can anticipate in order to submit a successful application.

  • Why You Should Attend Our Open House
    October 17, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Open House presents an invaluable opportunity for prospective parents and students to learn about our faith-based and liberal arts curriculum, gain insight into our diverse offering of athletics and arts programs, dive into our extracurriculars, meet key members of our staff, administration and student body and explore what our school community and facilities have to offer.

  • The Importance of Networking for Students
    September 19, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    SMCS students and recent graduates network at the inaugural science mentor event.

    High school marks an important time in every adolescent’s life, with opportunities to develop new skills, delve into existing passions and discover new interests.

  • Discover Our Back To School Tips
    September 11, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    SMCS students singing anthem in classroom | Back to school tips

    The start of a new school year is filled with excitement, as students reconnect with classmates, meet new ones, and explore opportunities with teachers and mentors.

  • How We Are Supporting Student Mental Health
    July 28, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    SMCS Student Wellness Officer Liat Benzacar meeting with a student

    Mental health refers to the overall psychological and emotional well-being of an individual, and encompasses their cognitive and social abilities to cope with life’s daily stresses.

  • Developing Leadership Skills for the 21st Century
    June 29, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    SMCS Leadership | LIT camp at ALIVE Outdoors

    From neighbourhoods to high schools, every community relies on effective and passionate leaders to help guide them towards a shared vision.

  • Spring and Summer Camps at SMCS
    May 30, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    SMCS Spring and Summer Camps | Basketball

    As the school year draws to a close, many students and parents might be wondering about what opportunities exist for students to cultivate their passions outside of the classroom in new and engaging ways.

  • Clubs and Activities at St. Michael’s College School
    April 26, 2023
    Guest Contributor

    SMCS Blog | Students playing Mahjong

    Choosing the right high school is as much about selecting a strong academic curriculum as it is about finding opportunities to grow outside of the classroom.

  • What Service Means at St. Michael’s College School
    March 31, 2023
    Dr. Robert Fantilli '94, Teacher, Christian and Community Service Lead

    What Service Means at SMCS | Students volunteering

    Unique to St. Michael’s College School is the experience of the Basilian priestly ministry of education and evangelization in the classroom in addition to the roles they fill in administration and on the Boards of Directors.

  • With that, the 2022-23 hockey season has ended
    March 10, 2023
    Victor Ding, Grade 11 student

    SMCS student Victor Ding

    Victor Ding, Grade 11, recounts his experience overcoming a serious illness and persevering through the challenges he faced returning to school and sport.