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The Annual Double Blue Continues: I am grateful because…

Through this year’s ‘I am grateful because…’ Annual Double Blue Campaign, members of the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) community were asked to share why they are grateful.

The response has been overwhelming with both words of gratitude and financial support.

Gifts have come in all forms: a Grade 10 student made a personal donation in memory of his father who has passed; two young sons of an alumnus donated some of their birthday money so students can attend SMCS; a 2017 alumnus made his very first donation to the School’s Greatest Needs; a current parent donated in support of the faculty transitioning to remote learning so quickly and effectively; a past parent remembers her sons’ connection to the school motto, ‘Teach Me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.’

SMCS Annual Double Blue Campaign: I am grateful because…

Read why many members of our community are grateful.

“I am grateful because… SMCS has been a home away from home for my son for the past 5 years, soon to be 6. The teachers are dedicated and committed to helping my son be the best version of himself in all areas of his life. My son has met amazing like-minded friends who will be his friends for life. My son loves his school and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. SMCS continues to provide an excellent education for my son regardless of challenges. This has been the best place for my son to develop into a beautiful young man.”
– Current Parent ’22

“I am grateful because St. Mike’s has instilled a sense of Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge into my everyday life.”
– Current Student ’21

“I am grateful because the St. Michael’s Faculty and Staff are always there for my family in the difficult times. Your dedication, support and prayers mean a lot to my family. I am thankful that my son studies at St. Michael’s; encouraging us to learn the Word of God: Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge (Ps 119).  As a parent, I am grateful to St. Michael’s for providing many resources such as ParenTalks, Student Wellness, class parents meeting, Parents’ Association Meeting supporting my son’s development.” 
– Current Parent ’24

“I am grateful because of the incredibly dedicated Basilian Fathers that I encountered as teachers and mentors – it is only in retrospect that one can truly appreciate the life of devotion and sacrifice that they chose to provide teaching of unparalleled excellence in an environment that was exceptionally supportive, spiritually as well as educationally.”
– Jerry Radziuk ’65

“I am grateful for the strong women in my life: for my grandmother who, with my grandfather, left Portugal to make Canada their home and converted their dream of a better life for their family into reality; for my mother whose examples of hard work, mental toughness, and devotion I try to emulate; for my wife whose love, capacity to listen, and patience anchor both our children and me; and for my daughter who dreams big and bursts with energy and an intelligence beyond her years.”
– Jason Annibale ’93 and current parent ’23

“We’re grateful because as we grow older we become more aware of how many accomplished brothers St. Michael’s prepared for the world. We as many others have not lost touch with the school and outside of it are often surprised by the connections we make by just mentioning the name ‘St. Mike’s’.”
– Joseph ’72 and Anthony ’19 Norkus

“I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this amazing, supportive SMCS community,” shares Kimberley Bailey, Director of Advancement. “Your dedication, encouragement, and appreciation of and for St. Michael’s College School prove how strong our community is.”

The Annual Double Blue Campaign is still active and in need of your support. Join us as we work together to benefit current and future young men of St. Michael’s College School.

Please consider supporting the Annual Double Blue Campaign and reading more community quotes by visiting SMCS Give. Consider sending your words of gratitude to

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