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Archangel Productions Inspires SMCS Student-Musicians and Producers

Whether they’re collaborating on a new track or networking and engaging with industry professionals, the Music Production Club is a hub of activity for aspiring student-musicians and music producers at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS).

“The club has grown to include more members, but more importantly, the growth has continued in the music being produced by the members,” says Amy McLennan, club moderator and music teacher who also helped launch the club in the 2022-23 academic year.

“I’ve noted that students have learned so much from each other’s work that they are now adopting new styles and techniques while also moving into vocal stylings,” she says. “I’ve been impressed with what they have managed to teach themselves through mutual collaboration, inspiring each other to take risks and explore new techniques and opportunities.”

A typical meeting for the Music Production Club — or Archangel Productions as they’ve dubbed themselves — involves a session in the Midi Lab where students share what they’re working on, get guidance from each other, or collaborate on tracks together.

“Some are even rapping or singing on each other’s work. It really is nice to see guys collaborating in this way — they put their vulnerability out there and have reaped the rewards of working together,” says McLennan. “Each member is growing artistically because they influence and value each other’s input.

“I think the club’s goal is to have a place and time where like-minded people get together to create and stimulate their minds through organizing sounds, making patterns, and layering them together. It’s like any other physical art form — they are cutting and pasting, shaping, contouring, and creating textures that allow a listener to go on a journey. The fun is how you get there, what you use, and how you use what’s available to you.”

SMCS students in Music Production Club networking with guest artist.

Recently, the club also welcomed a pair of guest speakers who met with students to discuss and demonstrate various aspects of sound production, their careers, and even listened to and provided feedback to students who shared their work with the group.

In February, Josh Nelson ’18, a music producer, spoke with students about his experiences producing music in studio, including having the opportunity to work with The Weeknd and most recently, Burton Cummings on his latest album.

At the end of March, the club invited Matthew Covassi, known as COVA (one of McLennan’s former students), who is an independent artist creating, producing, and directing his own music and music videos.

“He brought the artist lens to our discussions and taught the boys in real time the tricks of the trade in building a song from samples, loops, and how to create on the fly,” says McLennan. “It was really inspiring!”

Looking ahead, the Music Production Club plans to continue growing, recruiting more members, and sharing its mission more widely.

SMCS Music Production Club students working in the Midi Lab.

“The club also aims to contribute to school life by making some items for the morning announcements and we want to make it a goal of sharing our work more with the student body. Maybe that’s playing their music during the lunch hour in the café or putting their music and videos in circulation. I think the guys are finally comfortable with and confident in the music they’re creating to now let it be shared and heard by the masses,” says McLennan.

“Music production is the way of the future, and how so many people can make such rich tapestries of sound right in the little box we work out of every day — the laptop! I hope the work these boys share makes others realize that creativity is easily accessible and that you can experiment and make your own music just sitting alone with a pair of headphones.”

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