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Class of 2023 Begins Next Steps in Academic Journey

A new group of St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) graduates recently joined the alumni ranks following a successful year and much-anticipated graduation ceremony.

In a short time, our most recent graduates will embark on the next part of their academic journey, with many beginning university both near and far.

SMCS Class of 2023

“Although some of the more popular university destinations for our graduates remain top choices, the Class of 2023 will see close to 25 per cent of its members study outside of Ontario,” says John Connelly, Director of Student Affairs. “This trend reflects the adventurous spirit and curiosity of some of our newest alumni.”

The graduating class of 182 students received more than 800 university offers this year.

“More than one-third of the Class of 2023 will study business or commerce,” says Connelly. “Their teachers and counsellors have noted a renewed spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.”

The top five programmes that our Class of 2023 will be pursuing in September include:

  1. Business and commerce: 35%
  2. Applied science (engineering, computer science): 23%
  3. Arts, humanities, social science: 19%
  4. Life/Health science (including kinesiology): 11%
  5. Natural science: 10%
SMCS Class of 2023 award winners on stage

“Many students will pursue post-secondary programmes that did not exist even a decade ago,” he adds. “Digital learning and design have become highly sought-after options for St. Michael’s students.”

Class of 2023: By the numbers

University acceptance100%
Ontario Scholars (Graduating with an average of 80% or higher)84%
Basilian Book Award (Graduating with an average of 90% or higher)38%
St. Thomas More Society Award (Graduates who have made the Honour Roll every year during their time at SMCS)65%
Scholarships and grants awarded to the Class of 2023$450,000

“Despite much recent consternation in the media about grade inflation and its impact on university admissions, the number of offers to highly selective programmes met or exceeded our expectations at SMCS,” says Connelly. “St. Michael’s students remain competitive and attractive to universities. They continue to meet academic rigour with grit, resolve, creativity, and resiliency, all of which are excellent preparation for post-secondary and career challenges.”

As is tradition, following their graduation ceremony, SMCS students gathered on the school’s front lawn to walk through the Students’ Entrance Arch for the first time as official St. Michael’s alumni. Watch our video to hear from some of our graduates on how it feels to finally participate in the tradition.

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