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Dudemaine Commits to Georgetown for 2022

Grade 12 student Lucas Dudemaine is getting set to hone his talents in lacrosse at Georgetown University in September 2022.

The St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) student-athlete plans to pursue his undergraduate degree at the Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business while playing lacrosse for the Hoyas.

Lucas Dudemaine - Lacrosse

“The recruiting process was a very exciting time for me,” says Dudemaine. “I was exploring my options and debating which university was the right fit for me. Ultimately my decision came down to the prestige of my degree, the networks the school offered, and the competitiveness of the lacrosse programme. For me in making my decision, Georgetown University filled those boxes the best.”

Dudemaine says the school’s focus on international business and its location also influenced his decision.

“Undergraduate students have the ability to travel abroad for their signature global programmes which allow them to complete two business courses in prestigious global institutions and consult either within an industry or with specific Fortune 500 companies,” he says. “The location, Washington, DC, was another consideration as it provides unparalleled access to the business, government, policy, and diplomatic communities.”

The success of Georgetown University’s lacrosse programme as a Division 1 team and their culture were additional qualities that drew him to the school.

“Lacrosse is such a dynamic game,” says Dudemaine who has been playing lacrosse since he was four years old. “There are a lot of things I could say I enjoy, however, the thing I enjoy most about lacrosse is the physicality and pace of the game.”

“Lucas is a versatile and athletic player; he’s got the tools to contribute on both sides of the ball and is a slick lefty playmaker,” says Angus Dineley, SMCS teacher and coach of the Blue Gaels lacrosse team. “What has been amazing to watch is how Lucas has developed as a student-athlete throughout his years here. There was never any question in his mind that he would achieve his goal of D1 lacrosse – as a coach you can’t help but love that kind of drive.”

Lucas Dudemaine - Lacrosse

In terms of preparing and setting goals for his first year at university, Dudemaine understands that it can bring many challenges.

“Having goals are a key to success and need to be put in place to hold myself to the standard of a St. Michael’s graduate,” he says. “Some goals include pushing myself in the classroom as hard as I push myself on the field, getting to know my professors, and making as many connections as I can.”

Lucas Dudemaine - Lacrosse

“As many athletes know, balancing academics and athletics can be difficult, however, if I approach my first year with the mindset that academics are of equal importance to athletics, I will be successful,” adds Dudemaine.

“The SMCS experience has prepared me through a challenging six years of balancing academics and athletics,” he says. “The teachers have prepared me for what is to come as it has always been a school-first mindset, in which I learned how to prioritize academics and manage my time effectively to prepare for both in-class and on-field assignments. In addition, the SMCS community has helped me form relationships that will last a lifetime and help me accomplish my goals at Georgetown.”

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