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Five Fast Facts: Alumni Networking Event Returns

Bringing to life opportunities for alumni to help each other has long been a priority for the St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Alumni Association. The upcoming in-person networking event on June 28 will continue to build on this effort.

SMCS Alumnus Steven Hellmann
Alumni Networking Event host, Steven Hellmann ’96

“Networking opens doors that might otherwise remain closed. It allows you to tap into a vast pool of knowledge, experience, and resources beyond your immediate circle,” says host, Steven Hellmann ’96. “By connecting with others in your field or industry, you gain access to a wealth of insights, trends, and best practices. It’s like having a backstage pass to the secrets of success.”

The evening’s theme: Navigating networking in the current job market as we emerge from the pandemic.

Hellmann, an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of The Foodies Group (TM) and Little Birdie Media, will be joined alongside keynote speaker Martin Fox ’02, Managing Director – Canada at Robert Walters Group, a professional recruitment agency specializing in the accounting and finance industry. Fox will discuss how to network effectively and build and capitalize on your network and connections in the best way.

SMCS Alumnus Martin Fox
Keynote speaker, Martin Fox ’02

“Networking is an integral part to everyone’s personal and professional development,” says Fox. “It allows you to broaden the number of people you know while also allowing organic discussions to occur that can lead to several beneficial outcomes which would otherwise likely not happen if you did not meet someone in person.”

Attendees will also be able to connect following the talk with different industry breakout groups where they will be able to share career aspirations, potential career changes, and network-building connections.

Check out five fast facts about the upcoming alumni networking event:

  1. Special guests will offer valuable tips on expanding your professional network to reach your career goals.
  2. A wide range of industries will be represented, including real estate, capital markets, telecommunications, tech, and more.
  3. Attendees can connect with fellow alumni to discuss professional industries, career aspirations, and potential career changes.
  4. Alumni will be able to build their industry connections with familiar SMCS contacts.
  5. The event will include an open Q&A period where attendees can discuss their professional experiences.

Date: June 28, 2023

Location: SMCS Centre for the Arts

Register here.

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