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Graduating Class Celebrates Mother & Son Mass and Brunch

The Class of 2024 recently took another step on their path to graduation when they celebrated the annual Grade 12 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch.

On Sunday, April 7, over 300 St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Grade 12 students and their mothers gathered at the beautiful Liberty Grand for a morning of prayer followed by a delicious brunch and a plethora of storytelling, laughter, and a few tears. This event is one of the highlights on the school calendar for the Grade 12 graduating class.

Fr. Leung and Fr. May celebrating Mass at the SMCS Gr. 12 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch

Here’s what our students and their mothers had to say following the event.

“I was mightily impressed by everything at the brunch, but most importantly, it was a treasure to celebrate my upcoming graduation with my mother in such a unique way.” – Raymond Mao, Grade 12

“As a SMCS mom of two boys, I am always so proud to tell people how fortunate they both are to be part of such an amazing brotherhood for the rest of their lives. Our graduating son Daniele will always stand proud as a St. Michael’s alumnus. Having attended the Grade 12 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch, it made me so proud that my son Daniele is part of a lifelong brotherhood. The day was wonderful and, as always, showcased the care and dedication of the SMCS staff and faculty.” – Melissa Paolicelli

“We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a special mother-son graduation brunch at the magnificent Liberty Grand this past Sunday. This will be a cherished memory that we will hold dear for a lifetime. The experience was truly enchanting and magical. Thank you to St. Mike’s staff for making it possible!” – Monica Saverino

“It was special to be able to share this occasion with my mom, who has supported me so much throughout my life and my school career. It will be a shared memory that will last after I graduate in June.” – Tristan Rawlings, Grade 12

“Thank you to St. Mike’s and the organizers for the beautiful Mother & Son Mass and Brunch celebrating the 2024 graduates. On a perfect spring morning, the moms were given a chance to see the boys surrounded by classmates-turned-close friends. It was amazing to see how our sons have grown from small boys with much-too-big blazers to young men about to confidently embark on their next phase of life, carrying in them the faith and values embodied over the past few years at SMCS.” – Marissa Tanzola

Mothers and sons attending Mass at the SMCS Gr. 12 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch

“It was such a beautiful day. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to see our boys all together, celebrating this journey with their classmates and the moms who have been part of it the whole time. It was a celebration but also a reality check that the end is nigh! Our beautiful boys have become men who are ready to launch into the next phase of their lives, thanks to the teamwork between St. Mike’s and their families. It’s bittersweet, and this event was a wonderful way to acknowledge this experience. A special thank you to Cathy Di Nunzio and Kimm Bailey for the lovely details and planning that made the day so special.” – Krysta Davies-Foss

“This Mother & Son brunch was a great time and an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning. Not only did the Mass bring everyone together, but the food was exceptional. This was the last brunch my peers and I will be attending together at St. Mike’s, and I think that’s what made it so special.” – Nathan Crockford, Grade 12

“The sun came out, and the weather warmed up just for the Grade 12 Mother & Son Mass and Brunch. The mass was beautiful, and the voices from the choir made me shiver. Father Leung pointed out to the boys that the brunch was another step toward graduation. My eyes teared up as I looked around to see mothers reaching out to hold the hands of their young men. Over a delicious brunch, we exchanged stories and plans for life after St. Mike’s. Mothers’ hearts swelled with pride, realizing that their sons were grown. Photos, hugs, and well wishes made it difficult to leave. In the lobby, I stood emotionally overwhelmed, watching my son with his friends, smiling, and laughing. Where did the time go? My 6’5” son walked over, looked down at me and smiled as he put his arm around me. He said, “Mom, don’t be sad that it’s over. Be happy that it happened.” I cried harder but with a smile on my face.” – Kathy Leeder

“‘A mother’s love weighs more than the world’s mass, and her son’s laughter over graduation lunch is the sweetest symphony.’ Thank you to Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Di Nunzio for organizing such a beautiful day. It meant a lot to me. Congratulations to all our mothers and their sons! Happy Graduation Gentlemen!” – Maria Gallo

“It was a great experience for my sixth and final year at St. Mike’s to have a wonderful morning with my mom and some of my closest friends. Looking around seeing those who started with me in Grade 7, I know these will be my friends for life.” – Christian Chiarotto, Grade 12

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