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Honouring Student Academic Success at the 2021 Academic Awards

Whether in-person or online, recognizing the academic success of our students is always a priority at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS).

This year’s annual Academic Awards ceremony, while online for the second year in a row, did just that – honoured each of our students who achieved excellence during another unconventional school year.

Students lining up during the Academic Awards Ceremony 2021.
Grade 7 students receiving their Basilian Scholarship awards at the Academic Awards Ceremony in 2021.

“It’s important to recognize students for their academic achievements, especially during difficult times,” says David Lee, Vice Principal at SMCS. “For students to remain focused and diligent during a pandemic and so much upheaval to their routine is impressive and worth honouring.”

On October 7, 2021 staff, students, and their families watched the ceremony from their homes which premiered on the school’s YouTube channel.

“I think parents appreciate seeing their son being recognized – the fact that it was recorded allowed some families to watch on their own time and not miss the event,” says Lee.

In total, 630 awards were given out to students in Grades 7-11 for their achievements during the 2020-21 academic year. They included Basilian Book Awards, Basilian Scholarships, Math Contest Certificate of Distinction, Math Contest Medal Winner, the Duke of Edinburgh Award, ARP Top Reader, and the Dr. S. Lazarovitis Poetry Award Winner.

SMCS Administration handing out Basilian Scholarships at the Academic Awards Ceremony 2021.
A Grade 12 student receiving a Basilian Scholarship for $5,000 at the Academic Awards Ceremony.

Twenty-six Basilian scholarships were awarded to the top students in each grade, amounting to $61,000 in award money. Annually, the student with the highest academic standing in each grade receives $5,000, second highest receives $3,000, third receives $2,000, and fourth and fifth each receive $1,000.

This year, 211 students received a Basilian Book Award and $300 for achieving an average of 90 per cent or higher. In total, $63,300 in Basilian Book Awards was awarded to our students.

“Given all of the obstacles, I think they did very well and we are proud of the resilience they displayed. Kudos also to our teachers for ensuring our students continue to grow as individuals and are prepared academically for whatever comes next in their academic journey,” adds Lee.

Watch the 2020-21 Academic Awards Ceremonies:

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