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SMCS Archangel’s Den Fosters Global Change Through Community Collaboration

Michael Bakaic ’07

In the hallowed halls of St. Michael’s College School, a new chapter unfolds, heralding not just academic prowess but a profound commitment to societal betterment. The Archangel’s Den Alumni Entrepreneur Contest, our latest initiative, epitomizes the school’s ethos of service and unity. Here, our distinguished alumni come together to nurture and mentor budding entrepreneurs among their ranks in a collective endeavour to create a more progressive and connected world.

The Archangel’s Den is more than an entrepreneurial incubator; it is a testament to our collective resolve to make a tangible difference in the world. Through this programme, six innovative startups, each led by St. Michael’s alumni, are not only pursuing commercial success but are also championing causes that resonate with our shared values of social responsibility and communal growth.

SMCS Archangel's Den Contestants 2024

Chasing Antarctica: Uniting Through Inspirational Storytelling – Connor Emeny ’14

Chasing Antarctica embodies the spirit of human resilience and shared experiences. This venture, led by a visionary content creator, seeks to inspire, and unite people across the globe through tales of extraordinary human endeavors. Our alumni mentors support this project, recognizing its power to foster a sense of global community and shared human spirit.

Hive Meadery: Crafting a Sustainable Future – Drake Kaminsky ’11

Hive Meadery goes beyond creating delightful meads; it symbolizes sustainable and ethical business practices. Our mentors and alumni collaborate, infusing their collective wisdom to ensure that Hive Meadery not only thrives as a business but also as a model for environmental stewardship.

Mitts Off: Creating Connections Through Sports – Luke Gazdic ’08

Mitts Off transcends the conventional boundaries of sports fandom. It’s an endeavour to deepen connections between fans and their heroes, fostering a sense of belonging and community. The guidance from our alumni network is instrumental in shaping this startup to be a beacon of shared passions and communal experiences.

Nootropics: Fueling Minds, Empowering Futures – Ryan Stephen ’23 and Henry Wilson

Nootropics is more than just a brand; it’s a movement toward enhancing cognitive capabilities in a responsible and accessible manner. Our alumni mentors contribute their insights to ensure that this venture succeeds commercially and upholds the values of ethical and inclusive growth.

Futuretek: Securing a Safer Tomorrow – Marco Ricci ’19

Futuretek addresses the urgent need for cybersecurity, a concern that affects us all. Through this startup, our alumni demonstrate a commitment to creating a safer digital world, offering their expertise to ensure that Futuretek excels as a business and contributes to the greater good.

PAIM: Enhancing Lives Through Technology – Aiden Horan ’18 and Michael Kalpouzos (SMCS 2014–17)

PAIM’s vision to revolutionize customer experiences through AI and automation is not just about technological advancement; it’s about improving people’s everyday lives. Our alumni network’s involvement ensures that PAIM’s innovations are grounded in ethical practices and societal benefits.

SMCS Archangel's Den 2024 Judges

The Archangel’s Den: Fostering Collaboration and Celebrating Excellence

At the heart of the Archangel’s Den lies our unwavering belief in the power of ‘we.’ Each mentoring relationship celebrates our shared legacy and commitment to societal advancement. Our alumni mentors, with their diverse experiences and successes, do not merely advise; they collaborate, co-create, and connect, embodying the true spirit of SMCS.

This initiative is a vivid demonstration of the strength and impact of our alumni network. It’s a platform where individual successes are harnessed for collective good, where the triumphs of our alumni become catalysts for wider societal progress.

Charting a Course for a Better World

The Archangel’s Den is more than a programme; it’s a movement. It represents a collective endeavour to foster business acumen and cultivate leaders who are attuned to the needs of society and the planet. Through this initiative, SMCS reaffirms its commitment to nurturing individuals who are not just academically proficient but also empathetic global citizens, ready to contribute to a better, more connected world.

Michael Bakaic, SMCS Archangel's Den host

This journey of mentorship and innovation at the Archangel’s Den is a vivid reflection of our ethos — a belief in the transformative power of education and community to effect real change. In this shared mission, we find our true calling, living up to the legacy of St. Michael’s College School as a beacon.

The SMCS Archangel’s Den Alumni Entrepreneur Contest will premiere on the SMCS YouTube channel on February 9, 2024 at 7 p.m.

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