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The Journey of Alumni Entrepreneurship Continues

Are you a St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) alumnus under 30? Are you an entrepreneur with a startup or have a great business idea? Do you want to work with a team of experienced mentors? Or could you use an influx of money to help get your idea off the ground? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Archangel’s Den competition might be for you! 

"The Archangel’s Den represents an opportunity for the alumni community to work together to create new value and impact for the larger community,” shares Matt Gubasta ’13, Archangel’s Den judge. “St. Mike’s has a wonderful tradition of passing on knowledge and wisdom from one generation to another and the Den is a fantastic way for the community to honour that tradition at the alumni level.”

The fourth SMCS Archangel’s Den Alumni Entrepreneur Contest is fast approaching. Alumni aged 30 and under are invited to participate and submit their business ideas under this year’s theme of changing the world through faith, character, and service. 

After the pitches are submitted, five teams will embark on a four-month journey, working with a team of expert mentors who will prepare them for when they take the virtual stage in February 2022. 

Catching up with last year’s participants:

LucidityA mental health programme designed to evaluate, monitor, and improve the mental health of student-athletes

Since placing third in last year’s Archangel’s Den, Luca Bernardini ’20 and Tyson Lowe ’20, co-founders of Lucidity, have met with numerous professionals to further develop and improve their service. The team has tweaked a few areas upon further research and development. Using the help received from the Archangel’s Den, they gained a realistic understanding of the next steps as well as a roadmap on how to get to them.

“We have a greater sense of confidence behind our service because of the support the Archangel’s Den has provided us. Do not hesitate to participate. All mentors are terrific and regardless of winning or losing the experience is something you will forever be grateful for.” Tyson Lowe, Lucidity

Lucidity came in third place in the 2020 SMCS Archangel's Den alumni entrepreneurship Contest.

Andi Bamby – A company that offers advertising and web-based content creation for small businesses and artists

Over the last year, Erik Babinski ’13 and Mandy Chan, founders of Andi Bamby, have continued working with small to medium-sized brands as well as artists, though they have taken a more ‘behind the scenes’ approach than they have been in the past. The pair are now focusing on this type of support for businesses around the city, focusing less on building public brand recognition and more on developing consulting-based relationships with other businesses like theirs.

“The advice and perspective of the mentors have been very helpful in rethinking how we can be successful in our industry.” Erik Babinski, Andi Bamby

Andi Bamby came in second place in the 2020 SMCS Archangel's Den alumni entrepreneurship Contest.

Plastic Flux – A company focusing on producing elegant furniture from recycled plastic while providing full transparency on how much plastic will be diverted away from landfills

After placing first, Hanson Wong ’12 and Mohesan Sreekuladevan, co-founders of Plastic Flux,  have been working hard at designing and building the proper equipment necessary for their business to operate. They have since partnered with George Brown College to get their sheet press made. The Archangel's Den validated their idea, provided the necessary capital, and has given them the confidence and knowledge to transition and build their business. 

“Just go for it! Even if you don't win, the knowledge and experience you gain are worth it.” Hanson Wong, Plastic Flux

Plastic Flux won the 2020 SMCS Archangel's Den Alumni Entrepreneurship Contest.

“There has never been a better time to build a new venture! There is support for almost every type of business and if the past year has shown us anything, it is how willing our community is to help when they are called to action,” says Gubasta. “I encourage all alumni who are trying to solve a problem, whether it’s within their organization or by starting their own, to reach out to your fellow community members and seek advice and collaboration. Participating in the Den is a great step.”

The deadline to submit your pitch or business plan to is Friday, September 24.

“I am excited to see passionate entrepreneurs solving serious problems,” says Gubasta. “Specifically, I am excited to see how new entrepreneurs have adapted to building a business during COVID and how their businesses may make an impact on our community.” 

The SMCS Archangel's Den alumni entrepreneurship Contest returns in 2022.

The Archangel’s Den Alumni Entrepreneur Contest presented by Crunch Media Branding & Communications Inc. and Lyn Group will premiere on Thursday, February 10 on the SMCS YouTube channel.

Find more information or read about past contestants of the Archangel’s Den Alumni Entrepreneur Contest.

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