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SMCS Student Life | Odette Library
Student Life

Odette Library Learning Commons at St. Michael’s College School

Located at the centre of St. Michael’s College School, the Odette Library Learning Commons is a bustling hub of activity, all day, every day. The high school library features a wide variety of print and digital resources, full-time staff members, and spaces to support all types of independent learning and collaborative work.

Through a range of resources, tools and service offerings, it prepares students to become ‘future-ready’, informed, and digitally literate citizens in a knowledge society and into the 21st century.

It also strives to build life-long readers and confident, naturally-engaged writers through a host of ongoing activities.

A bright, sprawling space of more than 3,400 square feet, the Odette Library Learning Commons features an open-concept design that welcomes quiet individual study, collaborative or group activities and other types of learning.

Library Educators

Led by a teacher-librarian, a staff of three that includes a library technician and a library clerk, bring the books and digital materials to life by sharing their expertise with students.

These full-time staff of educators help students learn how to find, select, analyze, and apply relevant information to research questions as well as expand their horizons by the books they choose to read.

Learning Resources

SMCS Student Life | Odette Library | Lisa Lipetz, Teacher Librarian

More than 12,000 circulating books, reference resources, magazines and multimedia resources are complemented by 400+ e-books for the Accelerated Reader Program (ARP) and more than 100+ Lib Guides (customized resources) for students to access.

A broad range of curriculum-related materials for research, as well as guidance on the research process itself is provided by library staff and is also available for students.

The space is equipped with wireless Internet and computer access, along with three wired group collaboration rooms and a small ‘silent study’ room.

There are also three dedicated ‘zones of learning’ within the library focused on research, literature and a maker space.

The Odette Library Learning Commons’ dedicated web portal provides students with access to all research resources as well as the library catalogue, and Accelerated Reader Program titles.

The library hosts an annual Reading Olympics, where students in Grades 7-10 engage in friendly competition, vying for the honour of being ‘Top Reader’ in their grade. Poetry contests and other activities throughout the year keep the enjoyment of books top of mind for students.

The Odette Library Learning Commons is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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