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Why SMCS | Well-being - Students engaged in class


Understanding the social and emotional needs of every student is important for their overall well-being as individuals and in sustaining healthy relationships in high school and beyond.

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An integrated support structure spearheaded by our Student Wellness Officer helps guide each boy to pursue a healthy mind, body and spirit through a meaningful school experience during his formative years.

The Student Wellness Officer provides students and their families with support in several key areas including: crisis management, safety planning, referral services, community resources consultation, classroom programming, among others areas.

Whether a student needs help with academics, personal challenges, relationships, future-planning, emotional, psychological or other questions, they are encouraged to contact one of our experienced staff who can help lead them to the resources available and the desired outcome.

While academic rigour is a cornerstone of our programming, so too are the other tenets of the Basilian model of education. Each of these contribute to a student’s overall well-being.

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In teaching the whole person in mind, body and spirit, our students are encouraged to select from a full slate of non-academic offerings to feed their creativity, experience positive social connections, discover new passions, and simply have fun!

A selection of more than 60 clubs and activities caters to just about every palate, bringing boys with similar interests together in a setting where enjoyment with classmates and friends is the goal, while learning a new skill or discovering fresh interests is a wonderful benefit that often lasts well into the future.

Non-competitive and intramural sports along with more than 50 athletic teams fuel the body through a focus on physical health education.

Our students can stay active and healthy in whatever way they choose, as their schedules permit and doing what they enjoy as a further means to support their personal well-being.

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