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Why Athletics Are Important for Students

February 07, 2023
Guest Contributor
SMCS - Importance of high school athletics - Hockey

Regular exercise and physical education are major contributors to adolescents’ overall well-being. But participating in organized sports takes your child’s confidence, discipline and physical abilities to a whole new level. This is especially true at the high school level, which is why choosing a school with a strong athletics programme will have enormous benefits for your child.

Below, you’ll find seven key reasons why high school athletics are important and how they teach students valuable life skills.

Sports Are a Great Way to Get Exercise

The most obvious reason why high school athletics are beneficial is because they ensure students engage in regular physical activity. Students experience a lot of emotional and physiological changes at this phase in their lives, and having a healthy outlet will help them to sleep better at night, feel more energetic, and stay fit.

Forming a habit of regular exercise at this age also helps adolescents to maintain a healthy routine throughout their lives.

Sports Can Help Reduce Stress for Students

Sports help students to navigate the daily stress of high school and thinking about the future. Organized sports involve high-intensity exercise that releases cortisol in the brain, which not only helps to relieve stress but also produces endorphins – hormones that help to boost mood and create a sense of well-being.

SMCS - Importance of high school athletics - Volleyball

Sports Can Help Teach Students Important Life Lessons

Teamwork, discipline, dedication, and perseverance are some of the many important lessons high school athletics offer students.

The best high school athletic programmes provide students with a way to channel their energy and hard work towards a shared goal. Participating in team sports also teaches them how to cope with failure and embrace success, with dignity and respect. These are lessons that they will carry forward throughout their lives.

Sports Can Teach Students How to Work Together as a Team

Being part of a sports team shows students how to work together towards success and encourages each player to reach their potential. Students can build confidence and develop their skills while learning how to support their team members through wins and losses.

The best athletic high schools offer opportunities for students to be team leaders and teach team members the discipline and respect needed to follow rules, to listen to their coaches , and to play to their team members’ strengths and abilities – recognizing that every student has a role to play in a team’s success.

SMCS - Importance of high school athletics - Curling

Athletic Teams Are Great for School Spirit

High school athletics play a major role in strengthening community and school spirit. Sports teams give students a sense of belonging and promote school unity by encouraging everyone to come out and support their team. Sporting events also create new opportunities for students to socialize and forge new friendships.

Playing Sports Gives Students a Sense of Purpose

Being part of a team gives students a sense of purpose that extends to their wider community. When students work together towards a shared goal, they draw on their own self-worth and build resilience.

Through team sports, students learn to assess setbacks constructively as a group and are better equipped to see how their individual contribution helps the team, as a whole, to achieve its goals.

Sports Encourage Healthy Competition

Whether your child is a serious athlete or simply loves team sports, healthy competition also plays a vital role in developing their self-esteem and camaraderie. It helps students to stay motivated and push their perceived limits in healthy ways.

But here’s the bottom line: sports are fun! And a little fun goes a long way in a high school student’s development. Being able to set aside their academic and extracurricular obligations to get on a court or a field and run around with their friends is the healthiest way for them to feel connected, motivated, and ready to take on new challenges.