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Armand Scaini

Armand Scaini ’58

Order of St. Michael  

Armand Scaini is known for his passion, intelligence, and his steadfast dedication to improving the lives of those around him.

At a young age, Armand and his family moved from Italy to Canada. Not knowing the language, he was forced to start two years behind the Grade 6 education he had completed in Italy. He quickly picked up English and believed he was destined to attend SMCS, working extra hard in Grade 8 to achieve marks high enough.

During his time at St. Mike’s, Armand developed a strong respect for his teachers including Fr. Ronan, CSB ’41, Scaini’s shop teacher whom he was most fond of. During his time at St. Mike’s, Scaini assisted Fr. Ronan with various building related projects, many of which took place at Henry Carr Farm.

Since his time at St. Michael’s, Mr. Scaini has not only had a very successful construction career, but also took on a volunteer position as a member of Famee Furlane where he focused much of his efforts on social housing and long-term care facilities for the Italian-Canadian community.

His lifelong ambition has been to assist with social housing within the community, and he is known for his expertise, technical know-how, cost-effective solutions, and innovative ideas.

Scaini is a true humanitarian who is inspired by helping others live their best life by bettering communities. Armand is also a major donor and an ardent supporter of St. Michael’s College School.

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