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Fr. Rocco Volpe, C.S.B.

Fr. Rocco Volpe, C.S.B. ’48†

Order of St. Michael  

* Teacher * Coach * Mentor * Alumnus

Fr. Rocco Volpe graduated from St. Michael’s College School in 1948. After high school, he entered the Congregation of St. Basil and was ordained to the priesthood in 1957. Except for one year at Michael Power High School, Fr. Volpe spent his entire teaching career at St. Michael’s College School.

Father immersed himself in the teaching of Italian. He founded the Italian Club as well as the Italian Drama Society. Indeed, he served as mentor to the many students of Italian heritage at the school. His students loved this gentle, learned teacher and held him in the highest esteem.

Father always had a great love of sports. He was an outstanding hockey player in high school and his love of hockey led to his involvement in coaching at several levels including the Junior ‘A’ Buzzers. He coached football and for a time he served as Director of Athletics.

During his academic career, he served as Religious Education Consultant with the Metropolitan Separate School Board and also as Chaplain to Loretto Abbey. In conferring the Order of St. Michael on Father Rocco, St. Michael’s recognized a great priest, teacher, coach and friend of youth.

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