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Mr. Dennis Mills

Mr. Dennis Mills ’64

Order of St. Michael  

Businessman * Parliamentarian * Volunteer * Alumnus

Dennis Mills has worked diligently for comprehensive tax reform. His book, The Single Tax, puts forth a plan for an equitable and simplified income tax system.

For St. Michael’s men, loyalty to our school runs deep. That loyalty is prompted by memories of great teachers, recollections of sports or the love and concern we each felt in the presence of our teachers. Such loyalty does not diminish with age. It becomes more precious, it moves us to renew, to relive the lessons of our youth, to imitate the lives of our teachers.

Dennis Mills is a loyal St. Michael’s man. He cares for the school because he appreciates not only what it has given him but also for what it can contribute to Canada. He has a vision of St. Michael’s which prompts him to protect and to work for the welfare of his school. He worked tirelessly to settle the property dispute. He has worked to assure that the present buildings are updated and new facilities are provided.

Dennis has brought great honour to St. Michael’s through his work as a businessman and a public figure. His reputation in business is honesty, creativity and diligence. Fearlessly, he has spoken out in Canada’s Parliament for the right of life for all people and for the rights of the family. His moral and political positions indicate that he is knowledgeable and willing to stand for the truth and the rights of all Canadians. His work and writings concerning banking and taxation are recognized as forward looking and responsive to the need for fair laws for everyone.

We honoured Dennis Mills because he has illustrated compassion for those without voice of power in government, he has a deep love of Canada, he has stood for truth and honour. For his loyalty to St. Michael’s, and for his record of service to neighbour, we placed his name in The Order of St. Michael.

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