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Dick Duff

Mr. Terrence Richard “Dick” Duff ’55

Order of St. Michael  

* Professional Hockey Player * Hockey Hall of Fame * Volunteer * Alumnus


Dick Duff is a St. Michael’s man. His loyalty to his school and to the men who taught him has lead him to spend his life volunteering and helping those in need. During his professional hockey years, he needed the advice of this teachers and pursued a university education during the summer months.

Dick admires education and took a personal interest in St. Michael’s campaign of renewal for the twenty-first century, The Building Fund. Dick is a gentleman and a friend. His presence at the various events sponsored by the school and his willingness to help provide a St. Michael’s education for generations to come is an admirable sign of his gratitude for what he received. It is with pride that St. Michael’s inducted Terrance Richard “Dick” Duff into The Order of St. Michael.

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