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Celebrating Community at the Annual Father & Son BBQ

After two successful mother and son events this year at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS), it was Dad’s turn as the Parents’ Association hosted the annual Father & Son BBQ on Saturday, May 4.

Beautiful spring weather set the tone for an afternoon full of activities around the campus, all geared towards helping build relationships and celebrate community.

SMCS Father & Son BBQ group photo

“Just a great opportunity to stop the clock and do nothing else other than kick or toss a ball or frisbee around,” says Wiz Khayat ’96, father of Kaiden, Grade 9, and Cole, incoming Grade 7. “Wonderful to reconnect with so many familiar faces and see the kids frolicking in unorganized play. It is a special tradition and a true keepsake experience for the memory banks. Looking forward to the next one.”

From friendly competitions in a variety of field sports and a basketball showdown in the gym to intense matches of foosball, ping pong, and chess.

“What sets the Father & Son BBQ apart is not just the incredible food, but rather a remarkable experience that truly brought our community together. From the outset, the Father & Son BBQ team demonstrated outstanding professionalism and warmth,” says Manoj Puthiyetath, father of Varun, Grade 12.

This year, dads were joined by grandfathers and uncles in support of current SMCS students. A few newly accepted boys, poised to embark on their SMCS journey in September, also joined the festivities.

“The Father & Son BBQ was a great day out, spending time with my two sons, Luke, who is joining Grade 7 and James, who is currently in Grade 9. It was a chance to connect with old friends and make some new ones,” says Nicholas Agius ’95.

SMCS Father & Son BBQ | Teqvolley games between fathers and sons

As a special tribute to the relationships, Parents’ Association volunteers asked every student to write a tribute to their dad when they arrived at the event. All tributes were then posted for guests to read.

Here is a sampling of some of the tributes:

“I’d like to thank my dad for always supporting my dreams and ambitions. Always waking up early for me and supporting me when things don’t go my way. Your hard work is infectious, and I am forever grateful for everything you’ve done for me.” – Grade 8

“I want to thank my dad for all the hard work and effort he does for me to have all the opportunities I have and for letting me be able to go to this wonderful and amazing school. Thank you, Dad, and to all the amazing fathers out there.” – Grade 9

“Thanks, Dad, for everything you’ve done for me. Thanks for supporting me at my games and practices. Thanks for helping me break down my games and giving me some constructive criticism. But most of all, thanks for being a dad and always being there for me and mom.” – Grade 11

“A quality trait in my dad that I look up to is his dedication. He is constantly working hard, and anything he does, he does it at 100%.” – Grade 10

“Though he is not my blood father, he has been a father to me. He’s made my mom happier, listened to my opinions, and cooked great dinners. If there’s any man I am inspired by, he is that man.” – Grade 12

“A trait I admire in my dad is that he is very hard-working, and he never gives up no matter what.” – Incoming Grade 7

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