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A vibrant, dynamic, and active school community is one of the hallmarks of St. Michael’s College School (SMCS). And we play an important role in making that happen!

The St. Michael’s College School Parents’ Association (SMCSPA) is a caring, connected community of current parents, who are actively involved in enhancing the school experience of the student body through a variety of activities and initiatives.

St. Michael’s College School Parents’ Association (SMCSPA)

The SMCSPA helps ensure every student and family feels welcome, supported, and appreciated while enjoying a true sense of belonging within our school community.

St. Michael's College School Volunteers

We want to contribute to helping each of our sons grow and flourish during their time here.

We do this by leading and supporting activities that provide an inclusive and enriching experience for every SMCS family.

Parent involvement in school life can nurture meaningful connections and lasting relationships among parents, between students, and across families within our school community — well beyond graduation.

How you choose to participate is entirely up to you! Your time, talents, and tastes are welcome, valued, and appreciated.

A range of SMCSPA-led volunteer initiatives and activities means there is something for everyone, should you choose to get involved! By virtue of your son being a student at SMCS, you are automatically a member of the SMCSPA.

We support the school administration and ultimately enhance the learning experience of our sons through activities that focus on friend-raising, fun-raising, and fundraising.

Along the way, we share our expertise, learn from each other, and make a positive impact on the entire SMCS community during our sons’ key academic and developmental years.

Parent participation in school life enhances a student’s academic and co-curricular experience in myriad ways, both seen and unseen. The impact is immeasurable!

Consider volunteering with the SMCSPA.

SMCSPA Activities

Working with school administration, the SMCSPA contributes to making school life vibrant and memorable through a range of activities, including:

  • Organizes and facilitates monthly meetings open to all SMCS parents

  • Shares information or updates on future school initiatives

  • Spearheads or supports the organization of community-building events

  • Leads or lends a hand in fundraising efforts that benefit the entire student body

Join us!

Together, we can make a lasting impact on our sons’ school experience.

Nominations take place each year for various executive positions, committees, and other roles within the SMCSPA. Learn more about each job and its requirements:

To find out more, volunteer, or get involved, contact the SMCSPA at

We would love to connect with you!

SMCSPA Members

Core Executive:

SMCSPA Members-at-Large:

Angelina Pun
Nikki Fraser
Millie Ke
Julie Karifilis D’Angelo

Chair – Arts Committee:
Lisa Weiler

Chair – Budget Committee:
Brenda Didyk

Co-Chairs – Father & Son BBQ:
Emily Assuncao
Leonie Tchatat

Co-Chairs - Grade Reps:
Lisa Hardess
Caroline Wang

Chair - Parent Community Network:
Franca Siesto

Book Club Coordinator
Grace McSorley

Faye Caswell

Food Service Coordinator
Mary Ann Gingras

Co-Chairs - Fundraising & Social Committee
Monica Saverino (Chair)
Franca Siesto

Green Committee
Olivia Gonzalez

Volunteer Coordinators
Marisa Rizzuto
Eva Spanoyannis

Parent Ambassador

Members of the SMCS Parent Ambassador Programme share their experience of St. Michael’s College School and serve as a valuable resource for families in the process of applying for admission.

This programme complements our Student Ambassador Programme which pairs current students with candidates during the Admissions cycle.

Parent Ambassadors participate in various Admissions events such as Open Houses and Admissions Breakfasts.

For more detailed information on the Parent Ambassador programme, please click here.

Parent Ambassadors believe in the Basilian mission of educating and forming young men in Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge and are enthusiastic about sharing their experience of school life.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Parent Ambassador, please complete the following form.

    Parent Ambassador Form

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    Son's Current Grade*

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