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Sean Murakami Commits to Western University

Sean Murakami, a standout Grade 12 student-athlete at St. Michael’s College School (SMCS), has officially committed to Western University, bringing his talents to the highly competitive Western Mustangs volleyball programme.

“I chose Western for its strong reputation in both academics and athletics,” says Murakami, who is leaning towards pursuing an economics major. “On a side note, I also know that several St. Michael’s students have attended Western and have such positive things to say about their experiences.”

SMCS Gr. 12 student Sean Murakami signs with Western University for volleyball.
Grade 12 students, Sean Murakami commits to Western University for volleyball.

An honour roll student who combines academic excellence with athletic prowess, Murakami is poised to make a significant impact at Western.

His development as a volleyball player has been nothing short of impressive. Growing up a competitive hockey player, Murakami only switched to competitive high school volleyball in Grade 11.

This year also marked his first season as a competitive club-level player under the coaching guidance of a familiar face, alumnus Lucas Italiano ’11.

“Sean has been a cornerstone in this new era of St. Mike’s volleyball. He is a humble, driven, and exceptionally talented student-athlete that Jim Sage and his prestigious Western Mustangs programme are incredibly fortunate to have,” says coach Andrew Kos. “His rise to becoming a top libero in the province, despite only playing half a year of club volleyball, is one of the most impressive journeys I’ve seen in the sport and is a testament to the programme, Sean’s innate gifts, and unwavering pursuit of excellence. His impact on our programme and school community will be felt for generations.”

Gr. 12 student Sean Murakami playing volleyball at SMCS.
Murakami playing with the SMCS Sr. Blue Strikers Volleyball team during the Senior Volleyball Showcase in the fall.

This fall, Murakami will debut for the Mustangs at the libero position, which is known as a defensive specialist position with one of the highest responsibilities on the court.

“Switching from scoring goals in hockey to playing only defence in volleyball was a big change,” says Murakami. “However, I found the satisfaction of being able to handle tough serves, dig hard spikes, and set up my teammates with a good pass. I like the fact that the libero position is very involved in the play and can have a big impact on shifting the momentum from defence to offence.”

In addition to volleyball, the talented student-athlete has also found time to compete for the SMCS Junior Hockey team in previous years and will play on the school’s Ultimate team this spring. Reflecting on his formative years at SMCS, Murakami is very proud and grateful for the opportunities he has been provided with.

SMCS Sr. Volleyball team CISAA champions.
The SMCS Sr. Volleyball team after their CISAA Championship win.

“I can’t say enough about my experiences at St. Michael’s as both a student and as an athlete on the volleyball team. I was so fortunate to have learned about the sport and the libero position from top-level coaches, especially Mr. Arseneau and Mr. Kos,” says Murakami. “I don’t believe I would have had a chance to play volleyball at the next level without their guidance and support, and I also consider myself extremely lucky to play alongside such great players. We grew a lot as a team and as friends, and our hard work and dedication culminated in our CISAA championship win.”

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