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Service to others, whether through big acts or small community, is a key focus area at St. Michael’s College School.

Every student must complete 20 hours of Community Service hours as currently required by the Ministry of Education.

This is combined with an additional 20 hours of Christian Service hour which is required by St. Michael’s College School over the course of a student’s high school journey.

Giving and serving the community can take on many different forms for SMCS students including:

  • helping the marginalized
  • making and delivering sandwiches to the homeless
  • collecting food donations for national charitable organizations
  • loading non-perishable food items into trucks for delivery
  • weaving mats out of milk bags for developing countries
  • serving food in a soup kitchen
  • supporting other students via peer tutoring
  • alumni providing career advice to current students
  • past graduates assisting at school events

A dedicated faculty member is assigned to help support students with both Community and Christian Service initiatives in a coordination and facilitation capacity.

SMCS students making sandwiches

These staff members ensure students meet the combined service requirements, while liaising with charities, external organizations, and others, where necessary, facilitating introductions, transportation, documentation and various support that a student may need.

In addition to providing an act of goodness through their service activity, students are also exposed to audiences, settings and experiences that may be new to them.

The result is often an unfiltered window on the world that can expand a boy’s knowledge and deepen his understanding of his neighbourhood, local or greater community, about society and how people live. The meaningful learning taking place through these service initiatives can make a profound and lasting impact, well beyond a student’s high school years.

And that, ultimately, is embedded in the mission of St. Michael’s College School, “…to educate young men in Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge for a life of leadership and service in faithfulness to Jesus Christ.”

Christian Service

Christian Service at St. Michael’s College School is rooted in acts of charity.

These initiatives are distinguished from community service through the integration of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, which, together, focus on lessening human suffering by supporting an individual’s spiritual and physical needs.

SMCS Food Drive collection

Students are required to complete 20 hours of Christian Service at SMCS, through their high school years.

The seven Corporal Works of Mercy are comprised of: feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty, clothing the naked, visiting the imprisoned, sheltering the homeless, visiting the sick and burying the dead.

The seven Spiritual Works of Mercy include: admonishing the sinner, instructing the ignorant, counselling the doubtful, comforting the sorrowful, bearing wrongs patiently, forgiving all injuries and praying for the living and the dead.

Students can take part in the service of presence, the service of labour, and the service of talents.

Service of presence involves being present to the needs of others, like visiting the sick and elderly.

Service of labour involves performing good deeds for those less fortunate, such as preparing a meal to feed the homeless or working for those who cannot help themselves.

Canadian Food for Children Group

Service of talents is the sharing of one’s gifts, like tutoring and coaching others who cannot afford to pay for instruction.

Christian service activities help students develop a sense of empathy and compassion for those who are less fortunate.

Through religious education instruction and human formation, students learn about service and explore important themes such as social justice, respect for the human person, human solidarity, and help for the poor.

The integration of the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love come to life through their Christian service.

Our students develop their understanding of what it means to be disciples of Jesus Christ. This theological reflection on Christian Community Service is supported by the conviction of our role as followers of Christ in the modern world.

Community Service

Involvement in community service at St. Michael’s College School reinforces the essence of our mission of educating young men in goodness, discipline and knowledge.

As mandated by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, currently, each student must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service over the course of his high school career, from grades 9 to 12.

Good Shepherd centre student group

Community Service encourages students to appreciate the goodness present in Christ’s call to discipleship.

Carrying out acts of community service inspires and reinforces discipline, to make these gestures of giving a priority for each student and those around them.

Along the way, each student will acquire knowledge in serving others that teaches him how to live more fully in community with those around him, both near and far.

At St. Michael’s College School, a dedicated staff member is tasked with supporting students in a variety of ways, including: vetting Community Service activities, ensuring proper documentation and paperwork is completed, and facilitating interaction between an external organization and a student, if required.

Not all volunteer activities are considered true Community Service. Students are encouraged to peruse the ‘Eligible Activities Checklist’ to help determine and discern the criteria for a Community Service initiative.

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