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SMCS students wear masks while working on a project during Covid-19

COVID-19 School Information

Find information and key resources about St. Michael’s College School’s COVID-19 safety protocols, procedures, safe return to school measures and health information.

The information contained in this section is updated on a regular basis.

2021-22 Plan & Resources

The Return to School Blueprint 2021-22 details the plan for the 2021-22 school year at St. Michael’s College School.

SMCS Return to School Blueprint 2021-22 during Covid-19

Return to School Blueprint 2021-22
Updated as of January 24, 2022

Daily COVID-19 Screening Form:

School Communications

New Staff Announcements

Meet our new and newly appointed staff and faculty members joining the St. Michael’s College School community in 2021-22.

Core – English Teacher Vanessa Iaboni - Covid-19 School Information
Vanessa Iaboni
Music Teacher Amy McLennan - Covid-19 School Information
Amy McLennan
Core – Math Teacher John Mandawe - Covid-19 School Information
John Mandawe
Math and Science Teacher qatipi
Ismete Qatipi
Religion Teacher Alessandra Lombardi - Covid-19 School Information
Alessandra Lombardi
Student Wellness Officer (Interim) Antoinette Morgan
Antoinette Morgan
Safe Officer
Andrei Petrochenkov
Safe Officer Sheldon Ottay
Sheldon Ottay
Plant Operator
Vincent Apreda
School Nurse Lori-Anne Hastings
Lori-Anne Hastings
Teacher Librarian Lisa Lipetz
Lisa Lipetz
IT Helpdesk Support Romil Thakkar
Romil Thakkar
Administrative Assistant SMCS Chantal Da Cruz, Administrative Assistant
Chantal Da Cruz

Public Health & Education Resources

COVID-19: Health, safety and operational guidance for schools (2021-2022)

Toronto Public Health

Health Canada

World Health Organization

Safety, Hygiene, & Sanitization

Learn more about the health and safety measures put in place at St. Michael’s College School since September 2020.

Enhanced Personal Hygiene and Protective Equipment

  • Cough/sneeze etiquette and hand hygiene protocols to follow while on school campus
  • Creation of protocols for use of protective personal equipment (PPE) by students, staff, and visitors
  • Daily screening for virus symptoms of anyone who enters the building
  • Review and update of stay-at-home if ill directives
  • Review and update of directives when symptoms appear while at school

Campus Sanitization and Safety Measures

  • Protective barriers in high traffic areas such as the main office, library, in classrooms, and offices
  • 150 hand sanitizer stations located in classrooms and high traffic areas
  • Upgraded HVAC system and air filtration
  • Traffic flow with lane and hallway markers
  • Increase the number of one-way entrances and exits in/out of the building
  • Classroom spacing and alternative room utilization
  • Review of food services
  • Infrared heat (temperature) imaging cameras, portable thermometers installed
  • Steam sanitizers for floors, equipment, and high-touch areas, all precautionary
  • Scheduling cleaning of high-touch items (For example: door knobs, railings, computer, and design tech tools)
  • Altered uniform expectations for students (SMCS golf shirt and any neat washable trouser to start the year)
  • Limited student locker access to reduce crowding in closed areas

St. Michael’s College School is committed to implementing further safety measures to meet any recommendations and advice provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Toronto Public Health that may emerge in the future.

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