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Inspiring Young Alumni: Catching up with Michael Reynolds ’20

Since graduating from St. Michaels College School (SMCS) in 2020, Michael Reynolds has continued his education at Queen’s University in biomechanical engineering and has chosen to join the internship programme.

Read on to learn more about Reynolds.

SMCS Inspiring Young Alumni - Michael Reynolds

Please provide a brief update on your professional life.

Over the last 12 months of a 16-month internship, I have worked as a service engineer with Olympus Canada. This job has given me so much real-world experience in the engineering community and supported my growth as a young professional. I plan to return to my studies in September for one more year.

Please describe your history with St. Mike’s.

My history with St. Michael’s has been great, as I routinely meet and see others with whom I graduated. It’s very exciting to see what different people get up to, whether they went to Queen’s, Western, or even stayed in the GTA. It’s been a pleasure to graduate from this school and join the ever-growing SMCS alumni community.

Please provide further details on any involvement with SMCS since you graduated.

Sadly, I haven’t had much involvement with SMCS since I graduated other than donating some old textbooks to the school in hopes of preparing some kids to further their education.

How would you describe your time at the school?

In retrospect, my time at SMCS was wonderful! For the most part, I was very interested in my classes and participated as much as possible. My only regret was not being in more co-curriculars with all the amazing clubs SMCS offered.

How did SMCS prepare you for and propel you into life?

SMCS really prepared me for this portion of my life since what I’m doing now came from a prominent discussion with my guidance counsellor on why I should go to Queen’s. The support system is amazing, and I saw I could easily receive support wherever I needed it, whether it was with my current academics or future ones.

How do you live out the Basilian motto of Teach me Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge?

The Basilian motto of Teach me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge really applies to me in my daily life, honestly, without me even thinking about it most of the time. SMCS gave me the foundation for those three things and taught me how to move forward with them. Since graduating from SMCS, I’ve tried to be a good model for those goals. Goodness can be found within my daily interaction with my peers and coworkers, Discipline from staying as active as possible and keeping healthy physically and mentally, and Knowledge comes in the everyday pursuit of more of it.

SMCS Inspiring Young Alumni - Michael Reynolds

Briefly describe what you are doing now.

In my service engineering job, I manage a department of repair technicians and oversee their work. While I would say it’s more of a process engineering position, I ensure that the supply chain of their repairs goes as smoothly as possible. I also manage several databases and projects to ensure current support and continuous improvement.

Would you like to share any future plans?

I honestly don’t have any major future plans set in stone, other than knowing I really want to travel abroad. I would really like to start my own business one day, but that could be in one year or in ten. I would really like to take advantage of living in Toronto as long as I can before it’s no longer feasible and then see where life takes me.

Do you have examples of how you stay connected to SMCS within your community or industry?

I stay connected through the SMCS community, mainly through those I graduated with. I am very excited to come back for my first event next year, our five-year reunion!

Describe how you are being the best for the world through your work and education.

My work and education ultimately support overall human health. My current job is in the medical field with endoscopy, while my studies will focus more on biomechanics. One day, I’d love to work in prosthetics, where my work can have a more direct impact on individuals returning to their normal lives.

What advice do you have for current students?

There is a lot of future ahead of you, so take as much time as you need to figure out what’s right for you. Think about your future and what you want to do with your life, but also live in the moment, as your time at SMCS is something you won’t get back. Enjoy your time, make the most of it, and be confident that when you move on to the next part of your life, you did everything you can.

We are excited to feature Michael Reynolds as a member of our inspiring young alumni. More inspiring young alumni can be found on the featured wall across from the main office.

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