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SMCS Parents Celebrate ‘Blue in the Sky’ Gala

From the top of the CN tower, 1,136 feet above ground, with one of the most picturesque backdrops in Toronto, the St. Michael’s College School Parents’ Association (SMCSPA) made a dazzling return to its annual fundraising event with the Blue in the Sky Gala.

On November 10, the doors opened to a memorable evening featuring delicious food, music, online auction, and more.

The event marked the first of its kind for the SMCSPA since the pandemic put a hold on the school’s major social gatherings.

SMCSPA Blue in the Sky Gala guests

With approximately 200 parents in attendance, dressed in their finest, celebrating our community, the PA raised over $50,000 for the many clubs, activities, and initiatives they support.

Generosity was not only shown by those who attended the event, but through many others who stepped forward as sponsors, including The Leung Family Charitable Foundation, Nick & Anna Migliore, the Paolicelli Family, the Naranowicz Family, Century 21 Parkland/Nunno Group, Saverino Family, Serio Family, Siesto Family, and Foss Family, and many who donated to the online auction.

“Parent participation was fantastic, but I was also so happy that our senior administration came out in full force. Our job in the association is to help support the school in every way we can. It was so fun to have an opportunity to thank our parent community, side by side with Principal, Pat Daly, SMCS President Fr. Leung, CSB; and Fr. May, CSB,” says Krysta Davies Foss, president of SMCSPA.

“By the time our boys get to high school, we have such a short period left to show them how important it is to be involved in your community, to give back, and to enjoy each other. By contributing our talents, time, and resources to the school through the PA, we can actively provide our boys with the most amazing experience they can have at St. Mike’s.”

Gala attendees were treated to the soulful crooning of SMCS music teacher Chris Plock and his trio of talented musicians, followed by the extremely entertaining electric violin, saxophone, and vocal talents of the evening’s DJ, Edi Shimonov and his team.

SMCSPA Gala Organizers speaking to guests

“My feet were sore the next day from dancing, but my heart was full of the camaraderie and generosity I saw from everyone at the event,” says Davies Foss. “I especially want to thank Monica Saverino and Franca Siesto, our fundraising co-chairs, for their time and unbelievable effort in making this an extraordinary event to remember.

“Also, thanks to Kimm Bailey and the Advancement Team for their unending support in making this evening happen, along with Michael De Pellegrin ’94 and the Communications Team for always taking our many requests seriously!”

The SMCSPA would like to thank everyone who attended and supported the evening, with special thanks to the Blue in the Sky Gala Committee:

Monica Saverino
Franca Siesto
Helen Simone
Kali De Rose
Giulia Serio
Julie Karifikis D’Angelo
Pamela Jackson
Annette Nunno
Cynthia Papadakis
Annalisa Moser
Stephanie Cesca
Emily Assuncao
Saba Al Mathno
Faye Caswell
Kathy Stewart
Kathy Leeder
Alla Salmon
Krysta Davies Foss

Check out our photo gallery below featuring some of the memorable moments of the evening:

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