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Why SMCS | Leadership - Students on ropes course at camp

Leadership Development

Forming students to become future leaders and change-makers requires educating and developing the whole person. For us, that means nourishing the mind, body, and spirit of each young man during the key adolescent years.

SMCS Leadership Development | Students talking in courtyard

Leadership skills are taught, developed, and deepened through formal programming, experiential learning, service initiatives, camp experiences, co-curricular clubs, and activities and via an assortment of arts and athletics offerings.

Our students are invited to hone their leadership skills as prefects, ambassadors, volunteers, and mentors for their peers and within their local community.

SMCS Leadership Skill Training - SMCS Orientation camp

Each year about 150 students in grades 9 to 12 have the additional opportunity to spend three days honing their leadership skills in a training program at an off-site camp.

Through workshops and other activities, these students are provided with a leadership toolkit to use when they become cabin leaders in future years, for their young peers.

Experiential Learning

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