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Financial Assistance for Students at SMCS

April 09, 2024
Guest Contributor
SMCS Tower

At St. Michael’s College School (SMCS), we believe that every student deserves access to a quality education, regardless of their financial circumstances. Recognizing the importance of ensuring that finances do not hinder educational opportunities, we are proud to offer a robust Financial Assistance Programme.

This programme was designed to assist families facing financial challenges and operates through the support of the St. Michael’s College School Financial Assistance Committee in partnership with Apple Financial Corporation’s Financial Aid for Canadian Students Programme (FACS).

Below, you’ll find an overview of our programme, and information on requesting financial assistance.

Bridging The Financial Gap Through Bursaries

Our commitment to accessibility is deeply rooted in the philosophy of the Basilian Fathers, who believe that financial constraints should not prevent deserving students from attending SMCS.

Our Financial Assistance Programme aims to alleviate financial burdens by providing support to families facing difficulties with tuition payments. We understand that each family’s situation is unique, and we strive to ensure that financial assistance is distributed fairly and equitably.

Bursaries provided by SMCS are based on family income, available assets, and family expenses and must be renewed annually. With over $2 million allocated each year, our Financial Assistance Programme enables academically eligible students from financially challenged backgrounds to benefit from a Catholic, independent education at SMCS.

Approximately 15% of our student population receives some level of bursary assistance, highlighting their importance in fostering inclusivity within our community.

SMCS Students working on the board with a teacher.

Investing in Our Students’ Futures

Since 2002, SMCS has awarded bursaries to qualified students through the Financial Assistance Programme. This is made possible through generous support from the Basilian Fathers, parents, alumni, and friends of SMCS. Named bursary awards have been established by members of the SMCS community in perpetuity to ensure that future generations of students have access to the same opportunities.

Over the last 20+ years, SMCS has awarded approximately $31.6 million in financial assistance to 2,864 students. This commitment to financially supporting our students underscores our dedication to their success and well-being.

How to Request Financial Assistance

We strive to make the pathway to financial assistance seamless and efficient. Families applying for aid must do so within our standard admissions cycle and all applications must be received by the designated deadline. Financial assistance awarded to students in Grades 7 or 8 amounts to a maximum of 50% of tuition fees and families must apply again for financial aid each year to maintain eligibility.

At SMCS, our goal is to make education accessible to all in order to foster a community where every student can thrive. To achieve this goal, we also rely on the support of families to share the responsibility of financing their son’s education. The Financial Assistance Committee is committed to providing financial support to our students through a fair and transparent process in which all decisions made are final.

For inquiries regarding the online student financial assistance application, please direct your questions to Apple Financial Corporation. Value notifications are sent alongside admission offers, allowing families to plan for the upcoming academic year.

Empowering Students Through Education

As a private school offering financial assistance, St. Michael’s College School’s Financial Assistance Programme reflects our unwavering commitment to making education accessible to all. Through our Financial Assistance Programme, we not only bridge the financial gap but also empower students to pursue their academic and personal aspirations with confidence.

For more information about our Financial Assistance Programme or admissions process, please contact our Admissions Office.