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Why You Should Attend Our Open House

October 17, 2023
Guest Contributor

St. Michael’s College School (SMCS) Open House presents an invaluable opportunity for prospective parents and students to learn about our faith-based university preparatory curriculum, gain insight into our diverse offering of athletics and arts programmes, dive into our extracurriculars, meet key members of our staff, administration and student body and explore what our school community and facilities have to offer.

Our Open House will be taking place on Thursday, October 19 and again on Tuesday, October 24. You may register in your ApplySMCS account or at the door. Beginning at 7:00 p.m. with a 50-minute presentation in our Centre for the Arts, we demonstrate how education and formation at St. Michael’s College School provide a solid foundation for a young man’s life.

Learn About Our Faith-Based University Preparatory Programme

Attending our Open House allows parents to gain a deeper understanding of the school’s values, mission, and curriculum. Prospective parents and students can explore these offerings in depth and determine if they align with their interests and goals. 

Our student hosts introduce speakers who address our faith-based university preparatory programme. At SMCS, students are encouraged to explore their own spiritual journey as individuals and as part of the wider school community.

Athletics, Arts & Extracurriculars

Families and candidates attending our Open House can engage in interactive presentations, ask questions and meet with moderators, coaches, and coordinators of our arts and athletics programmes, and explore our diverse clubs and extracurricular activities.

Encouraging student participation in these activities not only enriches their high school experience but also helps them hone skills and develop new interests.

Student-led demonstrations showing various areas of SMCS programme

Tour Our Facilities

Touring the facilities of SMCS is a crucial step for parents and prospective students in gaining a comprehensive understanding of what the school has to offer.

Getting a firsthand experience of the campus allows prospective students to gain a stronger sense of our school environment, our athletics, arts and educational facilities, and the different types of student resources SMCS has to offer. This direct experience can convey aspects that might be difficult to grasp through brochures or online information alone.

Open House registration area in theatre Lobby.

Student ambassadors lead tours of our campus, where parents can also meet administrators, admissions personnel, directors, department heads, and teaching faculty.

Meet Our Community

High school allows students to foster relationships and cultivate meaningful mentorships with staff, teachers, and parents.

Our Open House provides an ideal setting for prospective students and parents to meet the teachers and administrators who will be actively involved in student life and education. By getting to know staff members and current students, prospective SMCS families gain insight into the school’s culture and social fabric and can ask questions directly to the key personnel involved in daily life at the school.

Prospective students and parents meet staff and students

Register for Our Open House

Our Open House provides a gateway for future students to explore their academic careers in greater depth and acquire the information they need to make an informed decision about their future schooling.

For parents, attending our Open House helps to ensure their child’s educational success and well-being. By engaging with teachers, staff, and educational resources, parents equip themselves with the knowledge and tools they need to guide their child through the challenges and opportunities of school.

We encourage families to bring their sons and friends. We hope to meet you, your son, and your family soon, and to share our school spirit with you.

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